5 Ways Premium Kerosene Oil Can Save You Money

21/11/2016 | Fuelfighter
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What exactly is Premium Kerosene Oil? Heating oil is just heating oil…….or is it? You may have seen on our website the option to select premium kerosene for range style cookers or boilers and noticed that they are slightly more expensive than standard kerosene. This this is due to the additives designed to improve its performance. Your delivery driver would add this to the heating oil for you at the point of delivery. 

In 2007, the specification of heating oil change, which lowered the sulphur content. This means that the boiler injectors and burners can build up soot more quickly, leading to service issues and decreased efficiency. Range style cookers and Agas have also suffered.

Premium kerosene oil has been designed to help combat these problems, in order to help you get the most out of your fuel and boiler.

Ways You Can Save

  • Premium Kerosene helps clean up a dirty boiler, fuel system and storage tank. This helps to protect an already clean system and prevent costly boiler problems. 
  • It will also disperse any sludge build up from the bottom of your tank that could cause costly filter or injector blockages.
  • The additives help to increas shelf life of fuel while in the tank.
  • Helps keep injectors and burners clean, providing a constant temperature output.
  • Increases overall heating system efficiency.

If you have a range style cooker as well as a boiler on the same system then we recommend premium kerosene heating oil for cookers. This will benefit both units. Don’t forget we always recommend that you get a regular service from an OFTEC registered technician. The recommendation for oil fired cookers is 6 months and then 12 months for boilers.

So if you feel that you may benefit from these points then why not give it a go next time? We are sure you will notice the difference.

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