Fuel Saving Tips – A Warmer Winter is Possible

22/12/2017 | Fuelfighter
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As the calendar moves from the autumn months to winter time it is time to think about plunging temperatures again. Looking out at a snow covered street is one of the highlights of the winter season. It is all the more enjoyable if you can do it while you are lovely and warm inside your home. There are some smart ways to do this without spending a fortune on your home’s heating. Read on for our fuel saving tips.

Home Improvements 

There are many jobs you can do around the house to make it warmer during the winter months. These range from big tasks like changing to double glazing to smaller ones such as adding some extra loft insulation. Now is the time to take care of those problems in the home before the cold weather arrives. Read our energy saving tips for more information.

Wrap Up Warm 

This seems like an obvious tip but you might be surprised to see how many people turn up their heating at home but insist on dressing as though it is still summer. Putting on an extra jumper means that you can stay warm without cranking up the heating up. Of course you don’t need to wander about your house like the abominable snowman but one or two extra layers can make a lot of difference to how warm you feel. Especially in the evenings.

Get Your Heating Oil for a Good Price 

One of the smartest ways to enjoy a warmer winter without it costing you a fortune is to buy your kerosene in advance. The price of domestic oil tends to increase just as the temperature drops. It also fluctuates often. This means that the last thing you want to do is to run out of oil when it gets really cold. It is far smarter to plan ahead and stock up while prices are lower. Buying early also gives you the chance to take advantage of economy delivery services which come with a better price. 

On their own some of these fuel saving tips may seem small, or obvious, but together can help to make significant savings on your fuel bills. You can find more energy saving tips from Money Supermarket here.

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