Aren’t You Glad You Bought an Oil Fired Aga

21/11/2016 | Fuelfighter
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The Aga is a great feature in any home. It provides food, warmth and looks great in the kitchen. It’s been used in homes across Britain since its introduction in 1929. For many, it’s the Aga that makes a house a home. Getting the most out of your fuel is also even easier as our suppliers now offer premium heating oil for an oil fired Aga or cooker. This comes with a host of beneifts including:

  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Increases fuel stability.
  • Minimises the potential for fuel tank erosion.
  • Reduces service issues and enhances the lifespan of working parts.
  • Increases the fuel shelf life.

Don’t forget it’s important to get your Aga or cooker serviced on a regular basis by an OFTEC registered technician.

Enjoying Your Aga

So why have an oil fired Aga? Aga’s baking oven cooks food evenly from every direction. The boiling plate cooks rapidly, retaining all the foods natural flavour, colour and nutrients. The simmering plate gently heats food for perfect tenderness and the simmering oven is perfect for slow cooking. Unfortunately, many people who fall in love with an Aga, don’t know how to utilize it to its greatest potential. So here at Fuelfighter we’ve decided to provide Aga lovers with the recipes and instructions to create the ultimate day of British dining, cooked the right way.

We start with the quintessential British Fry Up. The Perfect food to get your day up and running and shows off just what you can do with your Aga. Then for an indulgent afternoon we guide you, step by step, to create the perfect scones. Then we get to tea and what can be more British than a perfectly cooked steak and ale pie, followed by a regal Victoria Sponge Cake?

We hope you enjoy your day of delicious British food with your Oil Fired Aga.

Aga Cooking
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