Be Prepared and Order Heating Oil Early

10/01/2020 | Fuelfighter
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There’s no getting away from it – winter is well and truly upon us. Although we’re yet to see the really cold harsh weather which has been forecast for the end of the season. This means that your heating oil supplies could be starting to deplete as we keep our homes toasty and warm. In this season it’s vital to be prepared and order heating oil in plenty of time. That way you’re able to keep your homes warm when the bad weather does arrive. It’s easily the busiest time of year for heating oil suppliers so it’s more important than ever to not let your oil level get too low. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of running out only to discover that you can’t get a delivery straight away.

Order Early

It’s always better to order heating oil too soon than too late. If you order it early enough you could enjoy great savings on delivery as well. Having to opt for emergency or next day delivery is always going to be more expensive than economy options. This is because suppliers are unable to plan their routes as efficiently by grouping together deliveries in each area. By taking advantage of the economy 10 working day delivery service, suppliers have more time to plan their routes in a cost effective manner, which means that you benefit from a cheaper price for your heating oil.

Even if you don’t mind paying the extra you could come unstuck should emergency deliveries be unavailable due to high demand. Drivers have to react to the more difficult driving conditions in poor weather, which means that deliveries can take longer. Running out of oil at this time of year doesn’t bear thinking about, so always make sure you’re prepared.

Now is the perfect time to check your oil levels. Our suppliers stay up to date with market prices so that we can offer you competitive prices. Click here for more information on the average price of heating oil.

Get a free quote online today and you can be confident that you are fully prepared for the months to come.

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