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Fuelfighter has been supplying cheap heating oil fuel online for over 7 years through a network of trusted, independent local heating oil suppliers. We are different to other online heating oil websites as you will deal directly with your local supplier cutting out any middle men and saving you the profit they would normally make.

We work tirelessly with local suppliers to make sure that you are getting their very best price and saving you money on your heating bill. Further savings could be made by joining our membership scheme. A 12 month membership gives you:

  • 1 pence per litre discount on all kerosene orders
  • 2 Free upgrade codes to a Premium Heating Oil product
  • Regular entry in to our free prize draws

How we can provide Cheap Heating Oil.

We appreciate that heating your home during the colder months can be costly. While heating oil remains one of the more cost effective methods of heating your home if you are off the gas grid, any savings that can be made are a welcome bonus. By using Fuelfighter we are sure you will receive a competitive price backed up with great service. By choosing our 10 day economy delivery window you allow the supplier the chance of grouping your order with others in your area and minimising any transport costs. These savings on tanker mileage not only help save the environment but reduce costs for the supplier meaning they can pass these savings on by way of a lower rate. Sometimes fuel is needed more quickly, that is where our 5, 3 or next working day services come in. Whichever service you choose please be assured our suppliers will get to you as quickly as possible within this window.

Heating oil the cheapest form of heating

Provided by Sutherland Tables.

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