Can You Rig It? – Work And Life On An Oil Rig

04/04/2017 | Fuelfighter
Reading time: 2 minutes

How much do we really know about life on an oil rig? Your heating oil arrives at your home ready to use. However, it is a complex process to extract, transport and refine the oil so that it’s ready for this purpose. 

Drilling for crude oil is becoming increasingly difficult as we have to drill further and further to extract the oil. Oil rigs are located all over the world, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on an oil rig? We have.

In this piece, we break it down by first looking at how to actually land a job on an oil rig. We take you through all the different types of jobs as well as the two main types of rig. Then we explore what it’s like to live on-board. From spending weeks off shore to shared living accommodation. We’ll covering where workers sleep, eat, hang out etc.

Finally, we delve into how dangerous life on a rig can be. To find out more about how far we now have to go to drill for oil click here, and we’ll show you an example of the deepest oil well in the world!

So, take a look and see if YOU could work and live on an oil rig.

Life on an oil rig explained.

Heating Oil Prices

As you can see drilling for crude oil is a challenging job, and a complex process to become the heating oil used every day in homes and businesses. There are many external factors which can all affect the price of oil. The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) work together with the aim of stabilising oil prices. Other external factors such as global politics and conflict in oil producing countries can all affect the price. The price of fuel used to transport the oil and the weather here in this country can also play their part. You can view recent price trends and read more about UK heating oil prices here.