Local Domestic Heating Oil – What Are the Benefits

22/11/2016 | Fuelfighter
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Local domestic heating oil is becoming increasingly popular for those without access to mains gas. There are approximately 1.5 million homes in the UK that use local domestic heating oil suppliers to fuel their homes. The benefits are both economic and environmental. Heating oil can offer you a cheaper alternative in contrast to the prices charged by major, national energy companies and other forms of off grid fuel. 

By sourcing your fuel from a local domestic heating oil supplier you are cutting out the middle man. This helps to save you money and also supports the local economy. When ordering fuel you only pay for the exact amount delivered. There is no such thing as an estimated bill based upon your predicted use. You buy the oil in, use it and then contact your provider when you require a fresh delivery.

The Benefits of Domestic Heating Oil 

  • Save yourself money. 
  • Heating oil is currently the cheapest fuel for homes without access to mains gas.
  • You only pay for what you use.Choose how much you order (minimum 500 litres) and how often.
  • Home heating oil is an environmentally sound choice.
  • Domestic oil is safe and not flammable at room temperature.
  • Your oil tank is also safe – temperature controlled fire valves in the tank will shut down if the tank becomes too hot.
Further, the principal benefit of sourcing your domestic heating oil from an independent UK supplier is the same as the principal benefit of sourcing any product from an independent supplier – you experience a more personal service that is catered to your specific domestic heating oil needs. 

You won’t be dealing with a faceless organisation that sends you a bill every three months and increases its prices based upon meeting its financial targets. The majority of domestic heating oil providers are passionate about providing you with the cheapest domestic heating oil and a clean means with which to fuel your home. Thus, you can look forward to pockets that are both warmer and fuller! Click here for answers to our frequently asked questions or contact us and we will be happy to help.

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