Domestic Kerosene Oil – Future Energy Outlook

21/11/2016 | Fuelfighter
Reading time: 2 minutes

The global demand for domestic kerosene oil is increasing, so we ask the question, “What will energy production look like in 2040?” We take a look at the energy outlook for the future. As the demand for oil keeps increasing, the energy sector is seeing major changes. The level of crude oil needed doesn’t meet the rising increase in demand so constant strain is put on the industry. This means that oil companies are going to greater lengths to source the oil, including drilling deeper and deeper. This all increases costs which in turn increases consumer prices for both commercial and domestic kerosene oil.

As well as striving to meet demand, the world is continually trying to become more and more eco-friendly. In the infographic shown below we’ll take a look at the outcomes predicted by some of the leading environmental agencies. We will look at what is being invested, who is trying to stop global warming, how energy production could match demand and the projected worldwide growth in energy demand. We will also be showing you some nifty eco-friendly innovations.

What is Being Done to Make the World a Greener Place?