Fuelfighter Now Supply Heating Oil in Norfolk

03/09/2019 | Fuelfighter
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We are pleased to announce that we are now working with domestic oil suppliers covering areas in East Anglia. This means, we can now supply off grid homes with heating oil in Norfolk. We cover the Northern and Central areas of the county. From King’s Lynn, Dereham, and Swaffham over to the Cromer and Norwich areas, including villages, towns and remote rural areas in between.


At Fuelfighter we pride ourselves on providing you with competitive heating oil prices. We also have a range of delivery options to choose from. Our suppliers always try to accommodate your fuel requirements, whether you need oil quickly or are happy to opt for the 10 day delivery window. Our suppliers are reliable, local heating oil providers who work hard to deliver quickly and efficiently, at great prices. 

There is also the option to upgrade to premium heating oil for boilers and agas. Premium oil is designed to improve efficiency and help to protect your heating system by keeping injectors and burners clean. To find out more about the full benefits of premium heating oil click here. 

The price of kerosene can fluctuate often which is due to a number of external factors. However, we are committed to always providing you with up to date prices and our suppliers follow the market closely. We also provide you with monthly updates on heating oil price trends from the Office for National Statistics. 

How to Get a Quote 

To get a quote for your next delivery of heating oil in Norfolk, simply complete the online quote request form. We will provide you with an instant quote for your fuel requirements. 

Should you have any questions about heating oil, please get in touch. Contact us on 03300 583949 or email admin@fuelfighter.co.uk and our experienced, friendly team will be happy to help.

Picture by www.TourNorfolk.co.uk.

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Fuelfighter is dedicated to bringing you competitively priced heating oil, from local suppliers.

We offer:

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