Heating Homes – What Next After Kerosene Oil?

21/11/2016 | Fuelfighter
Reading time: 1 minute

If you’re off the main gas grid then Kerosene Oil is currently the cheapest method of heating your home. It is very effective for heating our homes, providing hot water and for cooking. Fuel like this are limited in supply and are polluting the planet. Searches are underway for more affordable, renewable and cleaner solutions. It may not be too long before we are using alternative fuel sources in our homes. Some alternative fuels are already quite close to being economical enough to use in homes throughout the country. 

Solar Power 

Solar power harnesses the power of the sun and converts it into electricity. This is used in the home in exactly the same way that you use it now. Your electricity would be free and you could even sell excess energy back to the power grid.  

Wind Power 

Wind is a very powerful phenomenon. It is powerful enough to uproot trees and remove roofs so we are trying to make the most of this energy. You can already find wind power generators can in the fields, helping to contribute energy to the power grid.  

Hydrogen Cells 

The most common substance in the universe is hydrogen. Hydrogen cells are being developed to offer a completely clean and renewable energy source. However, they are still too expensive. Investment in hydrogen cell research may mean that one day it becomes an energy source we use.  The world’s fuel sources are slowly running out so one day we will all be using today’s emerging technologies for energy. 

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