Keep your Heating Oil Tank Secure this Christmas

10/12/2017 | Fuelfighter
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Keeping your heating oil tank secure is crucial, but when going away for the holidays there can be lots on your mind. From checking you’ve packed everything to making sure you’ve locked the back door there’s lots to remember.

Keep it Secure

Don’t forget to make sure your heating oil tank is also secure. Unoccupied properties are a prime target for a potential thief. Even more so at this time of year when domestic fuel prices are at a premium. It’s also likely that you will have a plentiful supply in the tank. Whilst you will want to make sure you have enough heating oil for when you return, don’t forget to make sure it’s secure. It’s worth installing the necessary deterrents now to keep unwanted visitors away from your property.Where possible try not to leave your house looking unoccupied. Adding a timer to your lights is a handy tool, with timer switches available for a range of prices. Setting even just one light to come on at dusk can be a useful deterrent. Without telling everyone that you’re away it’s worth letting a trusted neighbour know. This way they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and alert you or the police.

Don’t Let the Pipes Freeze

It’s useful to remember to leave your heating on to prevent the risk of burst pipes if the temperature drops to freezing. Whilst you won’t want your heating using up all of your oil whilst you are away, many home insurers recommend that you leave the heating on low, at a temperature such as 13 degrees Celsius to prevent your water pipes from freezing. The last thing you want on your return is to have to deal with a leak.

Extra Savings

Finally, don’t forget to turn off your appliances. It all helps to make that extra little saving on your electricity bill. On their own, appliances may seem as though they don’t use that much electricity, however adding them all together they can be a substantial cost to your home. Turning them off when not in use or away for the holidays is a good habit to get into. Click here for more handy tips on keeping your heating oil and home secure this Winter.

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