Heating Fuel Prices - Update April 2021

22/04/2021 | Fuelfighter
Reading time: 2 mins

April brings us the latest update in UK heating fuel prices and shows that the cost of oil has gradually increased since January, with the price rising at a stable rate.  

With the warmer weather now approaching, domestic heating oil prices are likely to drop as consumers no longer need to warm their homes to the same extent as they did during the winter months. 

However, as the nation is preparing to come out of lockdown in June, it may give way to price increases. We saw in early 2020 how the oil prices dipped to their lowest in over 18 years when the pandemic restrictions started. As the price of oil is unpredictable, this year could buck previous trends when people return to their way of life before Covid-19. 

In March 2021, the price of domestic heating oil stood at 48.002p, which is an increase of 5.885p from January 2021.

The heating oil price graph above, with data from the Office for National Statistics, shows the steady, recent price increase and the average price of heating oil over the last twelve months compared to the current average UK weather.  

It is worth noting that domestic fuel oil prices are 6.797p more expensive than what they were last year. Now is an excellent time to buy heating oil online before prices start to increase more.  Fuel Fighter’s 10-day economy delivery service can give you access to cheap online fuel prices. 

Our domestic kerosene suppliers plan their routes, grouping orders to save you money on deliveries. These savings are then directly passed on to you - this guarantees you our heating oil best price. Remember, ordering larger volumes gives you access to reduced prices. 

Rest assured, our drivers and distributors work behind the scenes to ensure your oil is delivered safely and on time while maintaining social distancing guidelines. 

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