Heating Oil Leak Prevention

19/03/2021 | Fuelfighter
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Living off the grid can be tranquil, but it also comes with dangers. Domestic oil leaks and spillages not only cause expensive property damage but can also have a dangerous impact on the environment, particularly if the leak is going to affect water supplies or wildlife. As it remains the responsibility of the person who stores the heating oil to deal with leaks or spills appropriately, it’s essential to take steps on domestic oil leak prevention. It’s also crucial that you have adequate insurance cover in place. 

We’ve put together five suggestions on how you can help prevent a home heating oil leak: 

Domestic Heating Oil Leak Prevention

  • Ensure your oil heating tank is compliant with building control regulations. It should also be in a suitable location as far away as possible from waterways and sources of water supplies. 
  • Make sure your tank meets OFTEC standards. 
  • Keep your tank well maintained and ensure it is inspected annually by an OFTEC registered technician. Click here for more information on arranging a service or finding a local OFTEC registered technician. 
  • Familiarise yourself with where your underground pipework is situated so that you can prevent damage from activities such as gardening or groundworks at your property. 
  • Carry out visual inspections of your tank – check for signs of wear and tear or damages, such as corrosion or bulging. Boiler care should be considered a priority and carried out regularly.

Domestic oil spills near you can damage your health, and the fumes can cause you to feel drunk, sick, tired, and dizzy. You may also experience headaches, skin rashes, and a sore throat. If the concentration is high enough, people can faint due to the toxic fumes. It is also possible for the spilled oil to affect underground plastic pipes and contaminate drinking water. If you think you have been exposed to oil fumes and suffering any of the above symptoms, you should contact your doctor.

It’s also a good idea to purchase a domestic heating oil spillage kit and keep a copy of your insurers guide to dealing with spillages and leaks close by in case of emergencies. 

In the event of an oil spill or leak, you should call your insurance company straight away. Where necessary, you also need to report the incident to the Environment Agency.

If in doubt, OFTEC and the Environment Agency have useful information about dealing with oil leaks and spillages. For more heating oil tips and advice, please visit our blog.

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