Heating oil still the cheapest way to warm your home.

13th November 2017 | Fuelfighter
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Sutherland Tables have released the latest up to date figures of the cost of heating oil compared to other forms of heating in the UK for 2017. Again heating oil has come out as the cheapest fuel with some considerable savings against alternative fuels like electricity and LPG.

The table below shows the UK average cost per year to heat a 3 bedroom house.

Provided by Sutherland Tables.
Provided by Sutherland Tables.

Who will benefit?

With over 1.5 million households on oil in England, Wales and Scotland this news will be welcomed by many families as we go into the winter period. If you are also considering installing a new heating system it will be worth considering installing an oil condensing boiler to supply both heat and hot water. These savings also apply to all the homes which run their range style cooker on heating oil meaning that this years Christmas dinner will be cheaper to cook 🙂

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