Oil Heating – Still the Cheapest Way to Warm Your Home

13/11/2017 | Fuelfighter
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Sutherland Tables has released the latest figures showing the cost of oil heating compared to other forms of heating. Oil has come out as the cheapest domestic fuel with some considerable savings against alternative fuels like electricity and LPG. However it is important to remember how frequently oil prices can change. Gas is usually the cheapest fuel when it comes to heating your home however oil does tend to remain the cheapest fuel for off grid homes. 

The table below shows the average cost to heat a 3 bedroom home in the UK. Prices do fluctuate regularly so it’s important to stay up to date with data such as this to ensure that you’re not paying too much to heat your home. There are lots of factors which influence the price of oil, many of which are out of the suppliers’ control. To follow recent trends in the average price of heating oil and learn more about what influences the price of your oil click here

Oil Heating Prices
Provided by Sutherland Tables.

Who Will Benefit?

Many of you will welcome this news, with over 1.5 million UK households who are off the main gas grid. It’s often been thought that living in more rural areas, which don’t have mains gas result in more costly fuel bills.  These savings will also apply to all of your homes which run range style cookers on heating oil. This means that this year’s Christmas dinner will be cheaper for you to cook!

Our suppliers work hard to offer you competitive rates for fuel and stay up to date with the market prices. You can take advantage of the best prices if you plan ahead and opt for the economy delivery service. This gives suppliers the opportunity to group together deliveries by area, saving on transportation. This saving is passed on to you by way of a lower rate. Click here to get a new quote for your heating oil.