Heating Your Home Off the Main Gas Grid

13/06/2019 | Fuelfighter
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Central heating is the most common form of heating your home in the UK. It requires a connection to mains gas and a boiler, so that water can be heated and piped through radiators to heat your home. Mains gas is supplied to over 21 million homes throughout the UK, but there are still more than 3 million who are not connected. For some less rural properties, you can look at getting connected to mains gas. Although depending on your location and distance to a gas main, this could be costly.

Fuelfighter supplies oil heating to homes off the main gas grid. There are many fuel options available, so here we take a look at the typical cost of heating oil alternatives. 

The graph shown below from Sutherland Tables gives you a clear view of the typical costs associated with different types of heating. Heating oil continues to come up as the cheapest.

Heating oil price comparison

Compared with alternatives such as Biomass and LPG, oil heating is one of the most cost effective forms of heating your home if you’re off the gas grid. In most cases you don’t need to be home for delivery, as the oil trucks are fitted with meters. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how much oil to order. If your tank can’t fit the full order, we’ll deliver what we can and automatically refund you for the difference.

How to Save

With oil heating there are also different ways in which you can get a little more for your money: 

  • By planning ahead and ordering your oil in plenty of time, you can opt for the economy delivery service. This enables suppliers to plan their deliveries by area, saving on delivery costs. These savings are passed on to you by way of a lower rate for your oil.
  • Rather than regularly ordering 500 litres of heating oil, if you can fit 1000 litres in your tank, you’ll be able to take advantage of a cheaper rate. By ordering a larger volume this helps fuel suppliers to make less deliveries. Which again saves on transportation costs so that the savings can be passed on to you.

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