Save Money on Fuel Oil Bills this Winter

21/11/2016 | Fuelfighter
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Winter can be an expensive time of year, especially when your fuel oil bills are high. It is tempting to turn the central heating thermostat up a few notches as the temperature continues to drop outdoors. But unless you have money to burn, it is impossible to ignore the fact that maintaining your central heating at sub-tropical levels is extremely costly. Especially given the ever-increasing gas and heating oil prices at the moment. So how can you reduce your fuel oil bills this winter and save some cash?

Insulate Your Loft

Basic science lessons taught us at school us that heat rises and if you have inadequate loft insulation, experts say that as much as 25% of heat is lost through the roof. However, you can reduce this heat loss by installing thick loft insulation. A minimum of 6mm is recommended, but up to 8mm in depth is even better.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Up to 30% of heat generated will be lost through poorly insulated walls.  To avoid this problem, consider having cavity wall insulation installed, although if you live in an older property with solid walls, this is not an option.

Reduce Drafts from Doors and Windows

The best way to reduce heat loss through drafty doors and windows is to have them replaced by uPVC double glazing. This can be an expensive job but is worth it and gives you added security. The alternative is to employ some cheaper DIY measures. You could place draft excluders at the bottom of doors, fit foam strips along the edges of windows to fill any gaps, and hang thick curtains over drafty windows and doors.

Replace Your Old Boiler with a More Efficient One

Older boilers are rarely efficient. If yours is reaching the end of its natural life, consider replacing it with a new one. Oil fired heating is a popular choice for many families, but domestic oil boilers are expensive. However,  you should find that your new boiler has paid for itself within a few years.

Turn Down the Thermostat a Notch

An easy way to save money on your fuel oil bills is to avoid having the heating on too much. Turning it down just one notch can make a significant difference. Instead of having your heating running 24/7, why not set a timer? That way your heating can only turn it on when you plan to be in the house. You could also try wearing a few extra layers rather than having the thermostat set to a balmy 26 degrees.

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