How to Keep Warm in the Face of a Bitter Winter

22/11/2016 | Fuelfighter
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For some, Winter can be the least favourite season. It is cold, and it’s an expensive season too. Especially with Christmas and the ever rising prices in heating oil leaving a rather hefty void in many pockets. But the winter months don’t have to be miserable. There can be nothing more satisfying than snuggling up in a cosy jumper next to a roaring fireplace with a hot cup of tea. Not everyone has access to a fireplace of course so in the guide below we’ll discuss a variety of ideas that will help you stave off those cold winter blues.

Wrapping Up 

The horrid weather means that we have a legitimate reason to really pile the layers on and wrap up warm. So bring out those chunky knit jumpers, fluffy cardigans and warm scarves and enjoy being cosy. Not only will they keep you warm but you know deep down that you actually look pretty great in them.

Space Heaters 

Kerosene heaters tend to be far more expensive in theory than their gas based counter-parts. This is due to their more elaborate and specialist nature and the price of kerosene oil (usually called paraffin in the UK). Gas heaters however are nowhere near as effective and running one is incredibly expensive these days. Gas prices exceed the average price of kerosene by quite a margin. So if you plan on running the heater throughout the day and night this winter, a kerosene heater is recommended.

A Long, Hot Bath 

It seems we’re all too busy to take the time out of our day to have a good soak in the tub and the price of kerosene and gas means that showering is typically more cost effective on a regular basis. But a hot bath every now and then not only raises your body temperature but is exceptionally relaxing.

Hot Drinks 

Whether your vice be tea, coffee or hot chocolate, it can’t be denied that sitting by the window watching the snow delicately cover the streets can be a genuine pleasure.


Insulating your home might not be as expensive as you think. Whilst gas and kerosene oil heaters require a source of fuel (the costs of which are ever rising), a well-insulated house does all the work for you. All without it costing you an extra penny. Though the initial outlay might seem quite drastic, a properly insulated home will save you on heating bills going forward. For more energy saving tips from uSwitch click here

It’s been a monumentally cold year so far and the forecast doesn’t look much better in the weeks ahead. With snow forecast across the country it’s set to stay cold. Using the tips above we hope you can keep yourselves warm this winter without breaking too far into your piggy bank. Click here to stay up to date with the latest trends in heating oil prices.

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