Kerosene – The 28 Second Oil Heating Your Home

22/11/2016 | Fuelfighter
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Our famous 28 second Kerosene is exactly what is says on the label! 

The fast heating oil is high-performing and effective at quickly kickstarting your heating appliances. Kerosene 28 is one of most versatile and cost-effective heating fuel sources on the market. Not only used as a domestic heating oil, our 28 second kerosene is used by the aviation industry to power rocket and jet engines and in agriculture as a pesticide.

Avoiding the Christmas Rush 

There are over 1.5 million homes in the UK relying on 28 second oil to heat their homes. The high demand on the run up to Christmas can push prices through the roof. Buying your heating oil early gives you the chance to take advantage of economy delivery services. This means you beat the rush and get a better price for your fuel. Buying in bulk is also a great way to save money as the pence per litre is lower. 

It’s advisable to buy your kerosene in bulk as early as possible. Then you can store it for the winter months. Its chemical makeup means that kerosene 28 second oil can be kept outside in domestic oil storage tanks. It will still outperform alternative fuel sources such as gas in terms of safety and efficiency.

The Season of Goodwill 

Paying more for our fuel is a sad reality that we have all had to face over recent years. With more help and advice from the government than ever before, there’s no reason for anyone to be cold this winter. Government schemes such as ‘Warm Front’ and the ‘Winter Fuel Payment’ can offer a helping hand to low income families and old age pensioners alike. Whether you need to upgrade your loft insulation, replace your gas boiler with an oil system or need help paying for your kerosene supplies, government grants are there to ensure you have a warmer, more affordable Christmas.

Protecting Your Tank 

Unfortunately, we now live in an age where theft is common, even in rural communities. The value and vulnerability of kerosene has made it a popular target. 

So what can you do to keep your heating oil safe this winter? Here are a few tips: 

  • Ensure your tank is clearly visible from your house. If this isn’t possible, look into installing CCTV, and/or security lighting as a deterrent.
  • Check the levels of your tank on a regular basis and be sure to alert the authorities if the gauge indicates evidence of theft. You can also install a remote alarm which will alert you to a significant drop.
  • You may want to think about installing a perimeter fence complete with a good quality locking mechanism on your tank.
Click here for more tips on keeping your fuel secure.

Buy our 28 second kerosene

Contact Fuel Fighters with any enquiries or for guidance with choosing the best heating oil for your requirements. We offer a range of domestic heating oils, so if our 28 second kerosene isn’t right for you, we are sure to have the next best heating oil alternative.

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