Domestic Fuel and Modern Living In Rural Areas

05/12/2016 | Fuelfighter
Reading time: 2 minutes

Domestic fuel doesn’t need to be a challenge when living in more rural areas. Fuel suppliers are familiar with the area, offer a range of delivery options and tanker sizes. Even if you live in a remote location, fuel suppliers will do their best to reach you.

The key to making your home heating easy when living in a rural area is being organised. Making sure you keep an eye on your tank level is crucial to avoid running out. We recommend getting a new quote once you get down to 30%. That way you have more time to order your fuel and opt for economy delivery options. Whilst most suppliers offer quicker delivery choices, the economy option is the cheapest. This is because it gives suppliers the chance to plan a cost effective route and group deliveries by area. They pass this saving on to you by way of a lower rate for your domestic fuel. It’s also better for the environment. 

Living in a more rural location does have its perks. It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, and you’re out of the way of all that city centre pollution. Bliss. However, when it comes to keeping up with technology, it can become a challenge. In this piece, we’ll be delving into the struggles that people living in rural communities are facing. We’ll find out what is being done by the government and other people in the rural communities to help get these affected areas better connected.

For example, we’ll be showing you why rural communities have such a poor internet connection. Read on to find out what one MBE industry leader is doing to help.

We’ll discover the future of deliveries to rural areas, take a look at a trust that is installing defibrillators in phone boxes and much more.