Oil Tank Level Monitor Form – Download

11th January 2018 | Fuelfighter
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Download our Heating Oil Tank level monitor form to help you keep track of your oil usage

Keeping track of you oil tank level is not easy. Remembering to go out in to the garden and either taking a gauge reading or dip it is where most people fail. We suggest that you keep a diary of the levels (using our heating oil tank level monitor form below) and keep it somewhere that will remind you to check it on a regular basis.

Checking your oil tank regularly can save you money

Regularly monitoring your oil tank level will not only avoid the dreaded problem of running out of heating oil but you will also save yourself money. By ordering a top up in plenty time you can choose our economy delivery window of up to 10 working days which offers the most competitive price. The economy service allows our suppliers to group your order with others in your area saving them costs on mileage and time which they can then pass on to you. If you find your tank is running very low you have the option to choose a quicker delivery window. View our delivery options here.

We have created a simple form for you to print off and keep handy and record the level of the tank on a regular basis and once you get down to approx 30% full we suggest visiting our website to place an order.  By ordering your fuel in plenty of time you are able to take advantage of the economy 10 day delivery service, which saves you money. For additional savings, we have a loyalty membership scheme which has a host of benefits, including free upgrades and discounts on your fuel price – for more information click here.

oil tank level monitoring form

Download and print off a copy of the form here – FF tank level form