Oil Tank Level Monitor Form

11/02/2019 | Fuelfighter
Reading time: 2 minutes

We’ve put together a handy oil tank level monitor form to help you keep track of how much oil you have. It can also help you monitor your usage throughout the year which is great for budgeting your household bills. It can take a while to get to know your fuel consumption and understand how much fuel you need. This is particularly useful if you are new to oil heating or have recently moved to a new home. 

Domestic heating oil is an expensive commodity, so by ordering that little bit earlier you can choose our economy service. Suppliers are able to group your delivery together with others in the area and save on transportation costs. This enables us to offer you a more competitive price for your heating oil. This delivery option can take 10 working days so using the form to keep track of your usage is useful. 

Heating oil is in high demand throughout Autumn and Winter, and it’s easy to get through more heating oil than expected. Whilst fuel suppliers are usually able to offer a range of delivery options, high demand can sometimes mean that a next day delivery service is not always available. The winter weather can also slow down deliveries as driving conditions can be more difficult. We recommend checking your tank level weekly and getting a new quote in plenty of time. That way you reduce the risk of running out and can book a cheaper delivery service. The last thing you want to do is run out of heating oil when the weather is at its coldest. 

Heating oil tank level monitoring form

Don’t forget it’s also recommended that you get your boiler serviced annually by an OFTEC registered engineer – follow this link to find a local engineer.