Order Home Heating Oil for Winter

10/11/2020 | Fuelfighter
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With the cold weather upon us, you will no doubt be thinking about your fuel supplies and when to order your home heating oil for winter. It is the busiest season for heating oil suppliers across the UK, as we want to keep our homes nice and warm for the weeks and months ahead. With that in mind, it’s important not to let your oil level get too low.

When ordering home heating oil for winter it’s also worth thinking about how much oil you usually order. By ordering a larger amount to see you through a longer period, not only will you not worry about running out as quickly, but you can also benefit from a cheaper price per litre. When ordering larger amounts of heating oil, you will see that the price per litre comes down. This is because it is more cost-effective for fuel suppliers to make fewer deliveries. Which means you benefit from a cheaper price per litre.

Why Order Early?

As heating oil is in high demand, emergency deliveries may not always be available so it’s important to plan and order your heating oil in plenty of time. Delivering your heating oil safely is of the utmost importance. Harsh weather conditions can also impact delivery times, as drivers respond to road conditions.

Keeping a weekly check on your oil level will help you to keep an eye on how much fuel you are consuming as the colder weather sets in. Ordering in plenty of time will help you get the best domestic oil prices and you will be able to choose the economy delivery service. This service offers the cheapest price for your heating oil as it enables suppliers to plan their routes in the most cost-effective manner. Which means they pass on the savings to you by way of a cheaper price per litre for your fuel.

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