Plan Ahead and Stay Warm

20/10/2021 | Fuelfighter

With demand soaring recently for heating oil, many suppliers are taking that little bit longer to deliver heating oil. As the weather begins to get colder it's important that you know how much heating oil you're using so you can avoid running out.  

We recommend making a note of your oil level every few days so that you can see how much you're using.  By closely monitoring your oil usage regularly this will help you predict when you will next need a top up, giving you the time needed to place an order.  Quicker delivery options are always subject to availability so it's best to be prepared and try to avoid ordering fuel last minute. 


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Fuelfighter is dedicated to bringing you competitively priced heating oil, from local suppliers.

We offer:

  • A range of delivery options to suit your calender
  • A network of trusted, local suppliers
  • Premium heating oil products
  • A free loyalty membership scheme

Following your first order with Fuelfighter you will automatically be enrolled in our free loyalty membership scheme, where benefits include:

  • Exclusive special offers and discounts
  • Energy saving tips and advice
  • Email alerts to check your tank levels