Recent Trend in the Price of Heating Oil

1st August 2018 | Fuelfighter
Reading time: 2 minutes

The price of heating oil can fluctuate daily, and is influenced by many different factors, including politics and weather. Using data from both the Met Office and the Office for National Statistics, this graph shows you the trend in oil prices in recent months, along with the UK’s average temperature.

UK heating oil price trends

Usually it’s typical for the price of heating oil to be lower in the warmer months, however as mentioned above there are multiple factors which ultimately affect the price of oil and at the moment we are seeing a hike in oil prices despite the recent heatwave. Heating oil is actually more expensive now than it was in January 2018, which is due to the price of refined products increasing off the back of a rise in crude oil prices. The main factor for this being a rise in geopolitical risk in oil producing countries.

Unfortunately, this gives oil distributors no choice but to follow the price increase and pass on increased costs to consumers. Whilst the oil market can be unpredictable, industry experts believe that oil prices should begin to settle by the end of the year.

To avoid getting hit by further price hikes we always recommend trying to be organised, buying your fuel in advance and taking advantage of lower delivery costs where possible. By choosing an economy delivery service, with a delivery window of up to 10 working days, it gives oil distributors the chance to group together orders and reduce fuel costs, which means they can pass those savings on to you. Our suppliers will always try to get to you as soon as they can within this time frame, and don’t forget you don’t need to be present for your delivery, unless there are any access restrictions.

We regularly update our information on trends in oil prices, along with weather averages so do visit our UK Heating Oil Prices page for more information.