The Carbon Footprint of the Digital Age

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How much do we really know about our carbon footprint and the impact our day to day lives have? Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into our atmosphere as a result of our day to day activities. Whether it be a small business, a large worldwide organisation or an individual person, we all have an impact. We can all do our bit to help. Find out more about your carbon footprint here.

One of the key things we think about when it comes to the environment is pollution. We look at car fumes, burning fossil fuels and deforestation (amongst others) when considering the impact on our atmosphere. But did you know that sending a simple tweet or an email is also causing damage to the planet?

In this infographic we will show you just how much damage is being done by the digital world today. We will break down the amount of CO2 that is produced every time we tweet, email, watch TV, and download music.  We will even look at how much CO2 is produced when we purchase something on the internet.

The infographic will also show you what huge international companies like Google and Amazon are doing to counteract the amount of CO2 that they produce. So take a look, it might make you think twice about retweeting that funny cat video or downloading more music!

Your Digital Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of the digital age.

We hope that this piece has helped to provide you with a useful and informative insight into your carbon footprint. For many of us the digital world today has become a key part of our day to day lives. We often use digital tools or devices without even thinking about it. Check out our blog for more information, tips and advice from Fuelfighter. We have also put together some handy energy saving tips to help you make your home more energy efficient.