Fuel Tips for Winter from Fuelfighter

10/01/2019 | Fuelfighter
Reading time: 2 minutes

We’ve put together some handy fuel tips to help you get the most out of your fuel this winter. You can do a lot to your home to help make it more energy efficient, from adding loft insulation to installing double glazing, however there are also plenty of smaller, low cost things you can do to stay warmer this winter.

Get the Most Out of Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators regularly to keep them working well is quite a well known tip, however you can also reflect your radiator heat to really make the most of it. You can purchase reflector sheets online for a relatively reasonable cost. Simply place them behind your radiators to reflect heat back into the room.

Get Smart With Your Heating Controls

The weather is at its coldest just before sunrise so its useful to set your timer for your heating to come on before you wake. If you wake up to a cold house and then switch your heating on, it can take your body much longer to warm up again so you’re likely to leave your heating on longer. The same goes for setting your timer for before you return home. Coming in from the cold to an equally cold house will have the same effect.

You can set your thermostat to different temperatures at various times of day with most modern heating systems. Whilst everyone prefers different temperatures, the NHS recommend keeping your bedroom at a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius. This is to prevent you from breathing in cold air whilst you sleep.

Let Dinner Warm You Up

We all know that a nice hot meal can warm you up. However it’s easy to forget that we can still keep warm from the heat in our oven. Once you close the door all that heat has gone to waste. After the oven is turned off you could leave the door open and let the heat warm your kitchen while you eat. Making sure little ones and pets are kept away from it goes without saying but handy fuel tips such as this help to make the most out of some already generated heat!

Stop the Draught

You can lose money when it comes to your heating bills from draughts around the home causing a chill. It’s worth spending a little time patching them up. Insulating tape for windows and doors, and draught excluders are available online and in the shops, without breaking the bank. Drawing your curtains at dusk will also help to keep the heat inside as the temperature drops.

A Helping Hand

Winter can be a worrying time for many as energy bills rise. You might be able to take advantage of grants and benefits to help cover the cost. The government offer a winter fuel payment, and a warm home discount. Click here for more information and to check if you’re eligible.

It’s wise to keep an eye on the forecast and make sure you’re prepared as the weather gets colder. Also, don’t forget to get your boiler serviced if you haven’t already. Looking after your boiler will help keep it working efficiently and running longer, saving you money in the long run. Click here to read more fuel tips to help you get the most out of your heating.