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What is Red Diesel?

Commercial fuel Red Diesel is sometimes known as Gas oil, tractor diesel, 35 second oil or pink diesel. Red diesel is taxed at a lower rate to white road diesel (Derv) and is generally used in agricultural machinery, plant machinery, boats, generators and forklifts. Some older heating systems use red diesel, these are usually found in schools or commercial units. Due to the lower tax rate it has some restrictions in its use which can be found on the UK government website.

Please note: It is illegal to use Red Diesel in road vehicles.

What is White Diesel?

White diesel is also known as Derv (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle), or road diesel. It is regularly used in standard road vehicles like cars, vans, trucks and coaches. Our network of suppliers can deliver a minimum of 500 litres into your fuel tank.

Derv is produced from the fractional distillation of crude oil between 200'C (392'F) and 350'C (662'F) at atmospheric pressure, resulting in a mixture of carbon chains that typically contain between 8 and 21 carbon atoms per molecule.

Commercial Fuel FAQ's

Q. Can I use red diesel in my car or van?

A. No, due to the lower tax rate, red diesel cannot by used in road vehicles, it can be used in cars or vans that have been declared SORN and only used on private land.

Q. What is the minimum delivery quantity of diesel?

A. The minimum amount that can be delivered is 500 litres.

Q. What is the specification of your diesel?

A. The spec may differ slightly depending on the terminal the fuel is collected from. We recommend contacting the supplier confirmed on your order and ask them to send you their safety data sheet.

If you have any questions regarding our products and services please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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