Home Heating Oil Energy Saving Tips

Not only will reducing the energy consumption of your home benefit the environment, it will also save you money. With a few tweaks and adjustments to the way that your house uses energy, using our energy saving tips, you can significantly cut the costs of your heating bills.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption With Our Energy Saving Tips

Improving the insulation of your home is a very effective way to make it more energy efficient. There is no point paying for energy to heat your home if the heat is only going to escape. A well insulated home will hold onto heat longer so that you are getting the most from your hard earned money.

Certain areas of a building lose a lot more heat than others. The roof or loft is where approximately 25% of heat is lost and the walls account for nearly 30%. Around 20% of heat is lost through the windows and a small percentage also escapes through doors and floorboards. These are the areas that you can focus on if you want your house to retain more heat. Below are some useful energy saving tips for insulating your home.

Loft Insulation 

Insulating your loft is a smart move and is considered the area which has the biggest financial payback. The recommended level of insulation is around 270mm. Remember that when you insulate your loft it will be cold as no heat is escaping up through it. This means that any water pipes and tanks within your loft will need to be treated and maintained.

Wall Insulation

The walls are another part of the house which lose a lot of heat. Insulating your walls is important in order to stop heat escaping through them. If your house has cavity walls, it is possible to blow an insulating material into them. If the walls of your home are solid, you might be able to use cladding and insulation to improve their heat retention. It is important to seek out professional advice before doing anything to the walls of your home, as there are potential damp problems that you may need to be aware of.


Upgrading your windows if they need it will help you see a difference in your energy bill. The most effective method for improving the insulating quality of your windows is to replace them with double glazing. They will be more expensive, but over the long term they will pay for themselves in the amount of energy that they save. There is also the cheaper option of using a simple plastic film which you can apply yourself.

Draught Proofing

When it comes to draught proofing remember that your home will need some sort of air circulation and that your priority is to reduce the major air currents throughout the house. Take a good look around your home at the areas around the doors and the skirting boards to see where draughts are sneaking in. Other ways that you could improve the insulation of your home could be closing your doors and windows more frequently and using heavy curtains which have thermal linings.

Reducing The Temperature

Most of us have the thermostats in our home set at quite a comfortable and warm temperature. However, what many people don't realise is that by lowering the thermostat by only one degree you could reduce your heating usage by up to 10%.

You could also install a timer on your thermostat so that it will turn off and on automatically at programmed times of the day - that way you can have the heating turned off whilst you're out. If there are some rooms that you don't use frequently, you can keep them at a lower temperature. Whilst it's useful to save on your heating where possible, the NHS do recommend that you keep your bedroom temperature at a minimum of 18 degrees celsuis so that you're not breathing in cold air whilst you sleep.

Further Energy Saving Tips

There are many other ways that you can reduce your energy consumption and save money on your home heating bills. Here are a few tips:

  • Get in the habit of having showers more often than baths, using less hot water.
  • Have your boiler serviced by an OFTEC registered technician. A poorly maintained boiler wastes energy.
  • Consider switching over your current boiler to a condensing boiler. Click here for more information.
  • When you upgrade your appliances, switch over to energy efficient models.
  • If you have a dripping tap, fix it right away. A single dripping tap can increase your bills.

These are just a few ways that you can reduce the energy consumption of your home in order to benefit the environment and save money on your fuel bills.

The Energy Saving Trust also has some great energy saving tips and advice to help you save.

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