Frequently Asked Questions

At Fuelfighter we understand you may have questions about ordering heating oil so we have listed our most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for then please contact us where one of our experienced advisers will be happy to help.

No. Fuelfighter does not add any extra service charges on to any orders.
A nominated supplier will deliver your fuel. We work closely with a group of trusted suppliers, who's contact details will be confirmed to you at the point of order and emailed to you as part of the confirmation process. Any further delivery information or queries should be sent directly to the supplier listed on your order confirmation.

When ordering heating oil we have a range of delivery options for you to choose from. The delivery date shown is the latest that your order will arrive to you and can be any day up to and including this date. All orders placed before 3pm on a normal working day Monday to Friday will be processed that day and all orders placed after this time will be processed the next working day.

In times of very high demand we may need to adjust the delivery dates shown on the website. Delivery dates may also be affected by circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as extreme weather, fuel supply shortages or for other reasons listed in our Terms and Conditions. For more information on our delivery options click here.

In most areas we can offer a next day service if ordered before 3pm. Please note, during busy winter periods or bad weather this option may not be available. Please get a quote to check availability in your area.

First check the delivery dates quoted on the confirmation email. If there is a problem please contact the supplier directly using the details on your confirmation email. Occasionally we face problems outside our control - such as severe weather or shortages of fuel available from the main terminals. In these cases we will endeavour to contact you directly to keep you up to date but accept no liability for any failure to deliver or late delivery caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

We will normally use a standard 6 wheel tanker. If you need a smaller vehicle you must request this when obtaining the initial quote. Please note, not all areas can offer smaller tanker options.

If the driver believes that the delivery is unsafe - for example because of a poorly maintained or sited tank, an offset fill, or because the delivery hose has to be run through the house, we will not be able to make the delivery. At our option we will either arrange to refund you the order price, minus an administrative fee of £25 or contact you to arrange for re-delivery.

Most of our supplier tankers have a 100ft (30m) hose. If a longer hose is required please advise when ordering heating oil.

The aim of Fuelfighter is to provide you the best possible price. If you increase the size of your order the price per litre is usually a little cheaper. In the event that your tank or container has insufficient capacity to receive all the fuel you have ordered, we will dispense the maximum amount that can be supplied and take payment based on the actual quantity of litres delivered (which may be calculated using a a higher pence per litre rate given the smaller quantity). If the amount delivered is considerably lower than the ordered volume we reserve the right to deduct an administrative fee of £25 to cover any additional transportation or administration costs.

If you need to cancel or change your order you should contact the supplier directly by phone as soon as possible using the details on your confirmation email. You may cancel up until the close of business (normally 5pm) on the last working day before delivery. If you cancel by noon on the last working day before delivery we will refund you less an administration fee of £10. If the cancellation is made between noon and 5pm we will refund you less an administration fee of £25.

When ordering heating oil the minimum quantity for all fuel types is for 500 litres.

Modern plastic tanks usually have a makers specification plate on the tank, this should tell you the volume in litres. If you're not sure, the safest way is to ask your boiler engineer the next time your boiler is being serviced.

If we are arranging a payment refund please allow up to 15 working days for the payment to be processed. During busy times please allow a little longer than normal. If you have any queries regarding a refund please contact the supplier directly, using the contact details on your order confirmation.

The pence per litre price quoted on the screen excludes VAT, as is standard practice in the fuels distribution industry. VAT is included in the total price calculation and will initially be calculated based on the lower rate for domestic fuel (currently 5%) if you are ordering heating oil. This total price will be recalculated if you advise that the fuel is not for domestic use. If the quote is for diesel the standard rate of VAT will be applied. The rules regarding VAT are quite complicated and the total price calculation may change depending on the product and quantity you order and the use to which you are putting the fuel. 

The standard rate of VAT for white diesel and none domestic heating oil is 20%. Ordering heating oil for domestic use and red diesel quantities up to 2300 litres is charged at the lower rate of 5%.

An oil spillage or leak can be very expensive to clean up. Oil storage in the UK is carefully regulated and various agencies provide guidance on the rules and best practice. Please contact the Environment Agency (for England and Wales) or SEPA in Scotland for more advice. Alternatively contact your local tank engineer.

We currently offer premium kerosene for boilers and Aga cookers in selected areas only. To find out if we offer premium heating oil products in your area, please select the option on the quote section.

All registered dealers in controlled oil (RDCO), or fuel suppliers as they are more commonly known have to provide HMRC with the customer details of anyone who purchases red diesel or kerosene. HMRC hold this information on a national computer database and use it to fine individuals who may be using the cheaper types of heating fuel illegally in road vehicles.

Should you have any further questions regarding ordering heating oil, please get in touch.

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