Premium Heating Oil For Agas

Since the change in the specification of heating oil in 2007, which lowered the sulphur content, range style cookers have suffered. Owners of these cookers have noticed an increase in the amount of carbon deposits (also known as clinkers) building up around the burners. This build up can then affect the efficiency of the cooker and the level of temperature output.

Benefits Of Premium Heating Oil For Range Style Cookers

By using a premium kerosene product for range style cookers you will see an improvement in the overall efficiency and temperature control leading to a more stable heat output. The fuel oil supplied has an additive added (usually at the point of delivery) which enhances and looks after the fuel in your tank. It will also remove any sludge build up that is in the bottom of your oil tank, keeping your system cleaner for longer while inhibiting the growth of any further build ups.

Additional benefits include:

  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Lower char value.
  • Minimises the potential for fuel tank erosion.
  • Reduces service issues and enhances the lifespan of working parts.
  • Increases the fuel shelf life.

What should I do if I have both a boiler and a range style cooker on the same system?

Many oil fired range cookers are supplied by the same fuel tank that supplies the boiler for the house. If this is the case with your system, don't worry, your boiler will benefit from the premium fuel in much the same way. If you do have both on the same system we recommend selecting the premium heating oil for boilers.

Please note: we always recommend you continue to have your cooker and boiler serviced annually by an OFTEC registered engineer.

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