Home Heating Oil For Boilers

At Fuelfighter we offer both standard and premium heating oil for boilers, also known as Keromax. Premium kerosene is a popular fuel for heating domestic and commercial properties which are off the main gas grid. Also referred to as boiler juice and 28 second oil, domestic heating oil must be securely stored. This needs to be in a well-maintained tank which is usually located either outside or within your garage.

Benefits of Premium Heating Oil

Domestic heating oil is a cost effective means of heating your home if you are off the main gas grid. Premium heating oil fuel can benefit your oil storage tank by preventing the possibility of tank erosion caused by fuel. It works by:

  • Cleaning up a dirty boiler, fuel system and storage tank.
  • Helps to protect an already clean system and prevent boiler problems. 
  • It also disperses any sludge build up from the bottom of your tank that could cause filter or injector blockages.

In 2007 the British standard specification for heating oil was changed and the maximum sulphur content was halved. This has meant that boiler injectors and burners tend to build up soot more quickly, which can lead to service issues and decreased efficiency. These side effects can be eradicated by using premium heating oil for boilers. This fuel benefits from an additive (usually added at the point of delivery by the driver) which increases the efficiency of the fuel.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased shelf life of fuel while in the tank.
  • Inhibits further deposits in the bottom of the tank.
  • Lowers carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Helps keep injectors and burners clean, providing a constant temperature output.
  • Increases overall heating system efficiency.

Domestic Heating Oil Tank

Continued use of a premium heating oil will keep your system running as efficiently as possible while helping to lower your fuel bill and reduce service issues. We also recommend that you continue to have your boiler serviced on a annually by an OFTEC registered engineer.

Should you have any questions regarding our products and services please contact us and we will be happy to assist. If you have a question specifically relating to your heating oil order, the supplier's direct contact details are also available on your order confirmation.

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