Become a Fuelfighter loyalty member

Become a Fuelfighter loyalty member

Here at Fuelfighter we appreciate that heating oil is an expensive commodity and we are constantly fighting to help you save more on your heating oil bill. With our network of trusted suppliers we are confident that we can offer some of the best online heating oil prices. By becoming a loyalty member you can increase this saving further. Once you are part of the Fuelfighter army you will enjoy a discount on your heating oil bill and more. You can join the Fuelfighter loyalty membership scheme today for just £10 for 12 months.


  • 1 pence per litre discount on all kerosene heating oil orders.
  • 2 free upgrades to our premium heating oil products.
  • Entry into our regular members only free prize draws.

Becoming a loyalty member is easy, just get a quote and sign up when you checkout your next purchase of heating oil. Once you are a member and have placed your first order we will send you a code for your free upgrade to be used on 2 subsequent orders within your membership period.

Terms and Conditions of the scheme

1. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the use of the Fuelfighter Loyalty Scheme (“Scheme”).
2. The Scheme is offered by participating Fuelfighter Suppliers. The Scheme may not be available in all areas covered by Fuelfighter.
3. The Scheme may be joined by a Customer paying an annual fee (“Fee”) in exchange for which the Customer is offered discounted fuel purchases (“Discounts”).
4. The Fee and Discounts may be altered from time to time by individual Suppliers. If the Discounts are reduced then the Customer may choose to leave the Scheme and may request a refund for the annual Fee which will be calculated on a pro rata basis from the date the request is made.
5. A Supplier may choose to stop operating the Scheme in which case the Customer may request a refund for the annual Fee which will be calculated on a pro rata basis from the date the request is made.
6. The Scheme only applies to bona fide purchases of Domestic Heating Oil also known as Kerosene for the Customer’s own use.
7. The Scheme Discounts are applied automatically when the Customer logs into the website. If the Customer places an order without logging in (sometimes known as using the a guest checkout) no Discounts will be given on that order.
8. The Scheme is available for use by the Customer who purchased it. It is not transferable to other Customers.
9. Suppliers may refuse to honour the Scheme if they have reasonable belief that the Scheme is being used fraudulently and they may cancel membership,
10. The Scheme rules may be amended from time to time and will be updated on the Fuelfighter website.

11. Free premium fuel upgrade voucher will be sent by email after joining The Scheme for the first time. This voucher cannot be used on your first order.

Should you have any questions regarding our service please get in touch.

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