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Welcome to Fuelfighter. We are dedicated to the simple commitment of aiming to bring you some of the best value heating oil prices on the web. Read what others say


The Advantages of Fuelfighter’s Heating Oil Services

Whether you want to buy low cost  Kerosene (heating oil), cheap Gasoil or great value Derv (Diesel). Fuelfighter promises you:

  • Our dedication to providing you with the best value for your home heating oil.
  • The excellent customer service that we provide to all of our clients.
  • A range of delivery options to suit your needs wherever you are.
  • A team with plenty of experience and an in depth understanding of your needs.
  • Our expert advice on saving energy so that you can reduce your heating oil consumption and save money.
  • Our commitment to helping the environment by supplying fuel locally and cutting down on tanker miles.

Here at Fuelfighter, we fight to keep your heating oil costs down, by locally sourcing and supplying fuel at our very best prices.

Contact Fuelfighter today for a quote on cheap heating oil, low cost Diesel or best value Gasoil to see what Fuelfighter can do for you.

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Keeping Warm Shouldn't Cost a Fortune

These days, home heating oil has begun to be referred to as “liquid gold” because of how much its price has risen. This has left many UK residents feeling left out in the cold as they struggle to figure out how to heat their rural homes through the winter. Here at Fuelfighter, we are dedicated to providing you with the best deals on domestic heating oil, delivered locally to your door. We strive to offer you the cheapest prices possible on Kerosene, as well as other fuel oils such as Gas oil and Diesel see here for more.

Delivering Low Cost Heating Oil to UK Customers

Fuelfighters head office is based in Northern England and we deliver cheap Kerosene, Gas oil and Diesel to several nearby locations including Preston, Carlisle, York, Newcastle, Lincoln, Peterborough and Spalding. We have also expanded to supplying low host heating oil to the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the Lincolnshire Wolds. If we are not serving your area at the moment, check our website again soon as we are still expanding into many more locations throughout the UK. When you choose a heating oil supplier which is local to your area, the tanker which is dispatched will have to travel a shorter distance to reach you. This means that there will be few emissions released into the atmosphere as well as lower delivery costs. Our services are not only better for the environment, they are better for your bank balance as well.

We offer you our best prices on home heating oil as well as a range of delivery options to suit your needs. The Economy option means that you will have the lowest delivery costs possible. If you are short on time, you can choose the Express Delivery which will ensure that your delivery reaches you as fast as possible. We also have a smaller vehicle option means that your smaller order of fuel will come in a small vehicle so that it can easily manoeuvre through areas with restricted access. We even offer an Emergency Delivery option so that if you run out of fuel you will be able to restock your tank within the next working day. No matter what your needs might be you will be able to find a delivery option which will suit you perfectly.

To find the best heating oil prices in your area, contact Fuelfighter or check out our website to discover the best deals. Our team is very experienced in delivering fuel and we can help you to find exactly what you are looking for. When you order through us you will find the best domestic heating oil prices and we will work with our suppliers to ensure that we help you meet your requirements.

Trust our service to find you great Boilerjuice prices

It can be difficult to source the best kerosene prices in the UK, especially if you are new to ordering boilerjuice. The prices of heating oil in the UK are always fluctuating due to the rates of the suppliers themselves or the state of the economy. Knowing where to look for the best deals is important as you can save yourself quite a lot of money.

In addition to getting a great price on your heating oil from Fuelfighter, you can cut down your expenses even more by making your home more energy efficient.

Check out the energy saving tips section on our website so that you can learn how to reduce the energy consumption of your home and lower your fuel bills. By making a few changes, such as better insulation, lowering your thermostat and upgrading to double glazing windows, you can see quite an improvement on your heating bills. We want to help you keep your energy costs down in any way that we can, including offering you helpful tips for your household.

Energy Saving Tips